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For years there are tons of common myths and misconceptions about Leanback Library. Most of them make people avoid that library at all without even trying to use it. And in the majority, it is caused by the lack of technical documentation and developers just don’t know HOW to use it.

Myths are caused by ignorance.

In that set of articles, I am going to show you the main components of the Android Leanback library, how they can be used, and some hucks about their customization.

This article is a router between all articles from that set. So you can…


The first thing that you potentially want to know before you take some technology in use is how it looks and if it solves your problem.

In the current article, I am going to show you RowsSupportFragment and BrowseSupportFragment. Their basic appearance, how they work under the scene, and the relation between each other.


It is a fragment that provides you with a base implementation that you can use if you wish to display categorized rows with titles.

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It is much simpler than it could be.


This guide contains information on how to create a simple custom view drawing it on Canvas and the planned auditory for this content is newcomers in custom view development.

So if you already know how to draw custom views on Canvas and just looking for the working solution you can just scroll to the last section and find the GitHub repository.

Building blocks

It is hard to make the first step when you see the design from your UI/UX team and realize that it will be a custom view. Custom views are a nightmare…

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